When Medieval Europe went through times of suffering, bloody battles, plague starvation and more, it fluorished when it came to art and music.
Even though artsists hadn't figured out perspective until the end of the medieval period its art was still beautiful and was completely different to anywhere else in the world. Most pictures accompanied by manuscripts, a very early type of text book which gave information about a king, a country and even battles. These manuscripts were often highly decorated with vivid coulors and patterns. Other highly decorated books was the Bible, which monks copied out in a Sciptorium within a Monastery.

Music also fluorished during the medieval period, if it was religious music to secular, it was all greatly enjoyable and original. Instruments for secular music included Bagpipes, lute, Nakers (small drums), triangle, cornet, flute, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy (a type of instument where all notes were played at once, but the selected melody extracted) and many more.
Below is a collection of medieval art and music. Enjoy!

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Medieval Music

All music below was supplied by Arazny Zoltan, who sings in some of the songs. For more music by him visit:

ABOVE: A song from the 15th century originating from France. The piece is called Tourdion and is a secular piece of music, (non-religious).
ABOVE: Saltarello, a 14th centrury dance from Italy. It is often called the Dead Can Dance. I specifically liked this version and i hope you too.
A song from the 13th century called "In Taberna Quando Sumus." Listen carefully becuase i noticed that it sound vaguely arab. The style of music. This could probaly be influence from the crusaders returning from the Middle-East to Europe bringing with them spices, medical documents, numbers, more accurate maps and their style of music.
A song called Totus Floreo. I liked this one because of the medieval bagpipes. Enjoy!
Scarborough Fair is a very famous piece of music. But its origins do not end at Simon and Garfunkel. It infact goes back to the Medieval period, where, for 45 days each year Scarborough fair would come and people would travel to its location and sell all their produce. The song is medieval, although does not sound very jolly, it was infact sung at the time and is an axcellent piece of music. This is as close as your goin to get to the original. Enjoy!
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