Below are 10 UFO videos which i think are the most unsual. Every year UFO videos are shown but 95% of them are mistakes, like airliners, comets, fireballs ect... while others are hoaxes. Watch the videos below and see what you think of them. Dont forget to comment on them using the comment box on the HOME page.

Very interesting footage taken over China. Is it an Alien spacecraft or a time machine. You choose, but i thought it was something from deep space.
An original piece of footage showing what seems to be an airplane being abducted by an object in the sky. Looks too good to be faked, and the craft is moving very quickly and changing direction at rapid speeds.
A famous event that happened over Guadalajara in Mexico. Thousands of silver, metallic orbs were seen in fleets in the sky. They were confirmed as NOT being migrating birds because they did not take a specific shape which is what all birds do when they migrate. They were also very shiny, too shiny to be the feathers of any bird. You decide what it is and messge me if you want.
This, by far is my favourite video containing a collection of astonishing ufo videos. This video is bound to make anyone reconsider whether we are alone in the universe, or if their is something out their...
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