Lots of disasters have happened in the world, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes but on this page i'm showing you the man made disasters. The disasters that could have been easily prevented. Take a look....

Challenger Disaster

Above is a clip showing the Challenger Shuttle exploding. It exploded due to a leaky fuel tank, which resuslted in an ignition causing the rockets to explode. All the crew died inlcluding a teacher, who was a mother of two children. It could have been prevented if NASA bothered to spendmore money ensuring maximum security.

9 11 bombing

The 9 11 bombing was one of the worst disasters in history.  It resulted in 2 planes crashing into the towers, weakining the structure and collapsing. It remains a mystery to the real cause of the bombings.

Airbus 320 crash

Probaly the first airbus crash. This A320 crashed in 1998 in France.
A hijacked Ethiopian Airlines aircraft crashes into the sea. Their were no survivors
The concorde crash in France. The plane ran over a shard of metal while accelearting before take off, which ignited the engine and damaged the plane. It flew for a bit before crashing a mile from Paris. Their were no survivors.
This military aircraft was practising at base, doing loops around the field before it suudenly turned 360 degrees and crashed. Their were 4 officers on board and 2 pilots, all of which perished.
This helicopter went down off the coast and stayed afloat before it completely got engulfed by the water. The pilot could not be saved and died too.
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