What an amazing web site!!

pretty amazing Good Job Ramsey

Nice start, Ramsey. Like the Jokes :)

OMG this site is really well made OMGOMGOMG
U know im interested in stuff in science, maybe u can put in smthing like quark-gluon plasma, or quantum physics or dark matter or any sorts of that stuff... LOL, ya im interested in cool buildings as well

Love the music, :]

WOW! lve the jkes...really well made website :p

RAMSEY ! This is an waesome website ! I like the insults and comebacks and yo mama jokes ! They are hillarious ! By the way, i still owe you a slap :D Yours truely -Siwar (:

michael jackson ftw!

 Love the videos :D

amazing site, lve the jokes and insults :)

really well made site, the medieval text is inertresting :d

I like your site..its Sweeeeet... and for once... original... ×¥× ¤¥¤
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