Space is filled with a lot of stuff, infact, everything that exists lies within space, and alot of stuff exists. Beyond planet Earth, i'm talking about distant stars, nebulae, galaxies and even the point of the Big Bang...if their is one.
Albert Einstein once said "Watch the stars and from them learn." People do observe stars and beyond that, we call them Astonomers, not to get mixed up with Astrologers, who use the stars to predict the future, their is a difference.
In olden times people thought Earth was the centre of the Universe. Since God created Earth, it was the ultimate creation and everything was bound to it. People thought that all the planets and even the sun (Sol) orbited the Earth. They even thought Earth was the centre of the universe! Thanks to sensible people like Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) he pointed out that all the planets and Earth infact orbited the Sun, and Earth was not the centre of the Universe.
But i'm looking beyond our Solar System, i want to show you some of the most beautiful photos ever taken of our universe.

Above: Hubble Space Telescope, an orbiting satallite that broadcasts pictures of distant feautures of space and sends them back to Earth.

Beautiful Night

The photos above were all discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope and show how beautiful the universe really is. The photo on the left shows a clear night sky with a band going across the middle of the sky. This is infact an arm of the milkyway and you can see the black dust clouds hiding the white light from behind. Thousands of other stars are also dotted all across the sky. Just think, our planet is the size of a grain of dust out in a huge beach compared to the rest of our milkyway and all the stars with in.

Left: A view of the night sky, dotted with stars and a clear arm of the Milkyway stretching across the sky.

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