On this page you will find some of the most beautiful chants from medieval Europe. Some chants are by the Templars during the crusades. You will notice that some of the chants sound slightly Islamic, like the call for prayer with the waily echo or drone. This IS NOT influence from the Crusades but is infact purely Christian becuase this type of plain chant dates back to the Roman Empire, when they first recognized Jesus Christ as the founder of Christianity. I hope you enjoy them, whatever religion you are!

Thanks to Callixtinus for supplying the music.

Above: A medieval chant called Benedicamus Domino. This one has more than 1 voice chanting so it is polyphony.
ABOVE: Another chant called Benidicamus Dominus written by Leonin. Who worked in medieval Paris during the 12th century. He was called "The best at Essemble Organun." This piece sounded very much like the Islamic call to prayer, but i was told it is actually influenced by ancient Christianity. Enjoy!
A Chant written by the Knight Templars. The piece is called Salve Regina and may sound a bit Islamic seeing as they were in the Holy city of Jerusalem during the time some of their chants were written, like this one for example.
ABOVE: A beautful Gothic chant called Kyrie, a prayer to God begging for mercy. Kyries were most probaly sung during times of famine like the Bubonic Plague. Enjoy
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