Below you will find links to some resonably fun games. Some of them you would have heard of, others not, so try them all out, and you'll be sure to find a favourite.
Probaly for younger people. is a free RPG multiplayer game set in a mythical land. Extra features can be accessed by making a one time payment and becoming a Guardian.
Picture is targeted for older users and offers much more than Adventure Quest. Produced by the same people, Battleon Dragonfable is set in a mythical land with quests, items and more to gain.
Picture is one of the most famous and widely played multiplayer games. Runescape is a free game but hundreds of more features can be accessed by paying a monthly fee. Runescape has high graphics, as well as being educational.
For those who do play Runescape, why not join the clan:
Picture is another very famous multi-player game that offers excellent graphics. A 10 day free trial is available before having to pay a slightly high fee monthly.
Picture is another very big and highly graphical game. It is a recreation of The Lord of the Rings and provides lots of entertainment. A free trial is available and you also have to pay a monthy subscription fee.
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